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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Imagine a child being born. Born into this world, not knowing anything of what this life will bring. Without ideas of present or past, social structures, concepts like language, happiness or death.

Then, day by day, a little by little we move, we gather experiences, we learn to communicate, we meet people and exchange ideas; we think, and in our mind we build our image of what this world is.

I like to think of this world as a labyrinth. We are walking our path in the labyrinth, discovering new perspectives, making decisions, encountering people, moment by moment.

Our starting point and path is unique. The details of our lives looks very different, but it seems to me that there are a lot of common themes. The emotions, the uncertainty, the unknown, the search for understanding, the need to love and to be loved.

I enjoy contemplating the concept of the Labyrinth. It helps me to look at all the perspectives equally, and to appreciate all the parts. It also makes me feel less alone, seeing myself in others.

So I painted this painting of the labyrinth. It is just a small part of it, but it's a reminder for me of this overview perspective which gives me a relief of being too identified with the current situation. Then, most powerful of all, sometimes; when I think about the birth of a child and a pure mind, I am able to remove the whole labyrinth and remember what life is like just being, and not thinking. I am more than just my path in the labyrinth, and I would love it if you see that you are too.

Labyrinth 2019, oil on canvas (195CM*140cm)


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