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Frida is a self-taught Norwegian artist whose work seeks to capture and frame the complexities of her own confusion and fascination with the world. She does not aim to make sense of these sensations, but rather to make them more tangible and explore them from new perspectives.

Frida's work explores the subjective nature of experience, emphasizing the importance of contemplating and interpreting the world through a range of perspectives. Her fascination with the bizarre and contradictory aspects of existence and the human mind is a recurring theme in her art.

Through her visual explorations of these subjects, Frida creates a platform for reflection and contemplation. Her paintings invite viewers to consider their own experiences and appreciate the countless perspectives that exist in the world. By offering new ways of seeing the world, Frida hopes that her work will trigger curiosity, evoke emotions, and challenge preconceptions.


In summary, Frida's art is a testament to the power of visual expression in bringing to light the complexities of the human experience and encouraging empathy and understanding.

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